“C’mon— everybody’s doing it!”

“You know you wanna!”

“Don’t be a sissy– just start typing for Pete’s sake!!! Geesh!”

Yeah– that’s not exactly the most elegant or dignified methods of starting an online blog, but it’s pretty much how conversations go in my own head on a daily basis about pretty much everything. I actually joined WordPress in June, and it’s taken me this long to get back here and take the first steps. I’ve enjoyed writing since I was a child, and I seem to have a way of explaining complicated ideas in easy to understand terms. However, I’ve often been known to thoroughly over-explain something to the point of nausea; or worse, feel as though I’m explaining myself with perfect clarify–as clearly as the glass pane on a sliding door just before the cat runs headlong into it as it attempts to escape the wrath of the new puppy–or toddler– only to discover moments later that my listener has either dozed off in boredom, is experiencing a medical emergency as a result of his/her attempts to comprehend what in the world I was saying, or simply become hypnotized by the sound of my voice and requires a mysterious signal word to bring him/her back to consciousness.

See what I mean?!

However, I am nothing if not the helping type. Whether you need my help or not. At the very least I hope that we can laugh, share, vent, brag, and even brainstorm together. There’s too much negativity in the world. I’m positive it’s true.