About this Intelligent Blonde

So. Um. Yeah.

I’m a forty-something, book-loving, equality-supporting, karaoke-singing, ever-procrastinating, free-thinking, cigarette-smoking, Captain Morgan-(or sweet tea)-drinking, balance-seeking, drama-avoiding, online-game-playing dog owner who has been there, done most of that, and has lots of t-shirts. I tend to call it like I see it most of the time because we’re too old to beat around the bush, and daylight’s wasting.

My only child is a 23-year-old singer-songwriter who lives and works in the Nashville area. I’m sure you’ll hear more about him. I have a brother and sister who aren’t related to each other, and it works well for us. We all three live in this tiny little town. It’s certainly not God-forsaken. If you don’t believe me, just check out the churches mountains, rivers, lakes, caves, and natural areas. Not to mention the Mennonite food stuffs and the local Farmers’ Market.

There are two ex-husbands, and I speak to one. I’d speak to the other, but as I told him when we split, if we weren’t married, our paths would never cross. I was right. They haven’t  since the divorce. The one on speaking terms is actually my friend, and he is the father of my son. Since our breakup in 2005,  we have proudly managed to  maintain a slightly better than civil interaction for the benefit of our child. Or as my son put it, “My parents have the best divorce on the planet.”

My roommate is Sheldon, the Pomeranian. My hobbies include reading crime/court fiction and non-fiction; doing crossword puzzles until I’m tired of looking at the same clues because I refuse to use the crossword dictionary in the next room; karaoke; and collecting Snoopy memorabilia.

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